Faymonville MultiMAX Double Stretch Trailers

Faymonville trailers are built to transport even the most challenging of loads. Have a load that is extra tall, wide, long, or heavy? The Faymonville MultiMAX trailer can handle it. This versatile trailer hauls payloads up to 120,000 lbs. and offers excellent maneuverability along with its double stretch length. At Hale Trailer, we offer several models of Faymonville trailers for sale and rent, including the MultiMAX trailer. We’ll work with you to find an innovative, high-quality trailer with the features you want at a great price.

Benefits of the MultiMAX Trailer

Wondering how the MultiMAX trailer will add to your fleet’s capabilities? Here are some of the highlights:

Advanced Mobility and Excellent Road Capability

  • Take the length in the well up to 77’ with an additional 13’ gooseneck
  • Air ride provides optimal load transfer between axles
  • Hydraulic lift and lowering gooseneck allows for overpassing railway crossings
  • Maximum transport safety as a result of multiple lashing rings and load fixing points
  • All hydraulic functions have a Honda pony motor and wet line connection

Cost-Effective and Compact

  • Trailer completely closes within 53’
  • No need for escorts or permits, very fast mobilization
  • Drive position of loaded deck is 38” – able to drop to 34 ¼”
  • Deck width of 100”
  • Air-bag on front bogie able to lift all axles

Reach Beyond Your Capacity

  • Timber covered closed loading platform for versatile applications
  • Stretch beams have additional removable load bunks
  • Maximum payload with lowest dead weight

Innovative and High-Tech

  • Brake and lighting systems are US-DOT certified
  • US market carries spare parts
  • Leading corrosion protection in the market with fully metalized trailer

Faymonville MultiMAX Heavy Haul Trailers for Sale & Rent

Looking for a wide selection of Faymonville heavy haul trailers? Hale Trailer is proud to be the exclusive representative of Faymonville trailers in the United States. Our knowledgeable team is available to help you find the heavy haul trailer that’s right for your job. Whether you need a Faymonville heavy haul flatbed, lowbed, or low loader, we have what you need to successfully transport your heaviest loads. Visit one of our locations or browse our inventory online to find heavy haul equipment that’s right for your fleet.

MultiMAX Trailer Features

Faymonville MultiMAX trailers can be equipped with a variety of features and equipment. Some equipment and accessories come standard and are included on every trailer, while others are optional and can be added.


Hydraulic gooseneck
Spare wheel and steel headboard
Cable remote control for remote steering
12-Volt in full LED lighting system, US-regulations conforming
Reinforced extension locking positions
Liftable axles 1-3


U.S. EPA standard Honda-gasoline engine, with electrical battery and starter
Bridge the gaps of the extended loading area with an ALU-deck filling section extension
Extendable outriggers
Aluminum ramps

Technical Data at 50 MPH

Gross weight191,300 lbs.
Axle load136,200
5th wheel load55,100
Dead weight45,600
Payload ±3%145,700
Overall width100″
Total platform length extended77′-5″
Coupling length – not extended50′-6″
Deck height in drive position38 3/16″
Axle stroke-3 5/16″ / +5 33/64″
Steering angle-38° / +38°
Rear gooseneck swing110″
245/70 R17
245/70 R17.5 143/141 (146/146)