Flatbed Trailer Rentals

Hale Trailer carries a wide array of flatbed trailers for rent, including curtain-sided, extendable, multi-level sliding axle, and basic flatbeds made from aluminum, steel, and composite. Our trailers are ideal for transporting construction equipment, vehicles, and other heavy materials such as lumber. A good quality flatbed is a must-have for any shipping company due to its versatility and easy loading process. Flatbeds sit low to the ground and can carry loads that stand up to 8’6” high.

So which flatbed rental is the right one for you? The trailers we recommend depend on your individual needs. The best way to find out how to rent the right flatbed trailer is to contact one of our trailer experts to help you find the commercial trailer that best suits your needs at a great price.

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Flatbed Manufacturers

Hale Trailer is proud to carry a complete inventory of flatbed trailer rentals from some of the top manufacturers in the industry, including Fontaine, Manac, Dorsey, East, and Benson. Whether you are looking to buy a used or new commercial trailers for rent, our selection of fully maintained flatbeds are checked for a valid FHWA inspection so they are ready to go as soon as you need them. Search our extensive list of manufacturers to find the right solution for your transportation and flatbed trailer needs.

Flatbed Model Types

Hale Trailer carries several flatbed trailers for rent including:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Steel Extendable
  • Composite
  • Steel Single Drop
  • Steel Single Drop Extendable
  • Composite Single Drop

Flatbed Dimensions & Sizes

We carry flatbed rentals ranging from 36’ to 53’ in length and 96" to 102" in width, so whatever your hauling needs may be, Hale Trailer has the right trailer for the job. All our trailers correspond with the legal dimension regulations in place. When browsing flatbed sizes, remember to account for the weight of your load when choosing a trailer. Legally speaking, the total weight (truck + trailer + cargo) must be under 80,000 pounds.

Keep in mind the following maximum freight weights:

  • Standard Flatbed: 48.000-52,000 lbs.
  • Single Drop Flatbed: 48,000-52,000 lbs.
  • Extendable Flatbed: 45,000 lbs.
  • Single Drop Extendable Flatbed: 45,000 lbs.

Visit our blog for more information about the legal dimensions of a flatbed. Flatbed trailer dimension restrictions may vary based on state, so be sure to speak with one of our trailer experts who will be happy to help you review our flatbed trailer sizes.

Explore the range of dimensions of some of our flatbed trailer types. You can use these flatbed dimensions for reference as you browse our flatbed trailers for rent.

Standard Flatbed Trailer Single Drop Flatbed Extendable Flatbed Single Drop Extendable
Length 48'-53' 37'-53' 45'-80' 38'-61'
Width 96"-102" 102" 96"-102" 96"

Flatbed Trailer Rental Terms

We offer various terms (daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or multi-year) and maintenance options (from net-net to full-service maintenance) for flatbed trailers for rent. Our flatbed rentals are fully maintained and ready to go! Contact any of our flatbed trailer rental locations for a quote or pick-up, drop-off, and maintenance details.

Rent a Commercial Flatbed Trailer Today

Hale Trailer has the widest selection of flatbed rentals, storage containers, and mobile offices for short-term or long-term rental. Hale Trailer is proud to be the one-stop solution for all your trailer needs, including trailer sales and rentals, parts, and maintenance.

Our dedicated Trailers NOW technicians learn your business inside and out and are available at every step of the way with helpful flatbed trailer rental information, solutions, and advice about flatbed trailers for rent. Contact any of our trailer rental locations today to find the ideal commercial trailer and equipment to suit your business needs.