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Whether you need permanent storage or consistent cargo transport, Hale Trailer has a wide selection of storage and shipping containers for sale. Our inventory features high-quality storage containers for sale from industry leading brands. With availability in custom sizes and configurations from 20 feet to 40 feet, we’re confident that we can meet your needs. From roll-up doors to a variety of special features, we specialize in creating custom storage solutions.

Storage containers are highly useful and efficient. Consider the following as they relate to your business:

Retailing Applications

  • Peak Seasons
  • Special Sales
  • Remodels
  • Layaways

Warehousing Applications

  • Extra capacity for peak seasons

Manufacturing Applications

  • Store raw materials at your site when you need them
  • Extra space for that large order not ready to ship

Clean, Dry, Ready for Use

  • A warehouse on wheels at your location
  • An economical answer to your storage needs
  • Loadable with forklift at dock height
  • Good for nursing homes, hospitals, schools

No matter your industry, there are always a handful of ways to use your storage or shipping container. We’ll dive into some examples below.

Uses for Storage and Shipping Containers

Our storage containers for sale are utilized in many ways, both creative and practical. Let’s examine 3 significant applications:

  1. Jobsite Storage: Construction and manufacturing require numerous commodities to be present at a jobsite. Keeping materials in a storage container means they are portable and on-hand when needed. Storage containers are a trusted solution for storing most chemicals, as well as sensitive and raw materials. Ask our friendly team of experts about which custom features you’ll need to keep your materials and assets safe.
  2. Increasing Storage Capacity: Another common use is long-term storage. At a thriving business, essential items and equipment can quickly fill your supply closet. Purchasing a storage container eliminates the time and money spent on building or renting an expensive warehouse. When your current storage plans are overwhelmed, consider investing in a portable storage container for sale.
  3. Cargo Transport: It goes without saying how perfect storage containers can be for transportation of freight. If your business or organization needs to move large cargo loads overseas, finding the right shipping container for sale should be a priority.

Check out our resource on storage & shipping container uses to learn more.

Finding the Right Storage & Shipping Containers

Now that you’re thinking about storage containers for sale, you’ll want to choose the right option to ensure needs are met. Follow these steps when determining what you want from your new container:

  1. Decide between a new or used storage container
  2. Determine the ideal size
  3. Select any custom features

Whether or not you know the answers, a Hale Trailer storage container expert is ready to talk through all your options. Let us know how we can help and we’ll take it from there.

Buying vs. Renting Storage Containers

Storage containers, for rent and for sale, are in high demand. Deciding between the two requires you to consider several factors. Planned use, length of time, budget, and maintenance all impact your decision to rent or buy.

  • If your needs are consistent over a long period of time, buying a storage container is likely the best option.
  • If budget is a concern, consider how long you’ll utilize the container after it’s paid off. With long-term rentals, you’ll have a constant monthly bill. Purchasing the container is a more significant initial investment. However, owning your container contributes to your company’s net worth as an asset. You’ll also be rid of those monthly payments.
  • Storage container maintenance is also crucial to its longevity. Buying a container from a vendor with in-house maintenance experts is key to seamless ownership. Maintenance can be tricky and you want to know you’re getting the best deal possible. Regardless of your decision to buy or rent, Hale Trailer is available whenever you come across an issue with your shipping container.

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