Our Reefer Trailer Rentals

Need a refrigerated trailer unit? Hale Trailer has a great reefer trailer rental selection from the best brands on the market including Hyundai and Great Dane. Regardless of your choice in manufacturer, Hale Trailer offers industry-leading customer service and insider expertise to help you find the right trailer for your refrigeration needs. If you’re interested in one of our reefer trailers, give us a call and we’ll match you with the perfect trailer for your business. Our stellar selection and knowledgeable team guarantee you’ll go home with the exact reefer trailer rental you require.

The great thing about our reefer trailer rentals is that they keep any product shipped in its cavity at a regulated, cold temperature. Reefer trailers are ideal for shipping any sort of product or material that needs to be refrigerated for long periods like produce and frozen foods. A high-quality reefer trailer is a must-have for any shipping, produce or food company. All of our reefer trailer rentals adhere to the strictest safety standards. We offer a large selection of used reefer trailers for rent at most of our locations. Whatever your shipping needs, Hale Trailer has a trailer to match.

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Reefer Manufacturers

Hale Trailer is proud to carry a full inventory of reefer trailer rentals from some of the top manufacturers in the industry, including Great Dane, Wabash, Hyundai, and Utility. Whether you are looking to rent a reefer trailer for long-term or short-term use, our selection of fully maintained reefers are checked for a valid FHWA inspection so they are ready to go as soon as you need them.

Reefer Suspension Types

Hale Trailer’s selection of reefer trailers for rent are available in several suspension types, including:

  • Air Ride Suspension
  • Air Slide
  • Slide
  • Spring
  • Spring Slide

Reefer Sizes

We carry reefers ranging from 28’ to 53’ in length, so whatever your hauling needs may be, Hale Trailer has the right trailer for you. Trailer dimension restrictions may vary by state, so be sure to speak with one of our trailer experts who can help you find the perfect trailer for your fleet.