New Dump Trailers for Sale

New dump trailers are the best solution for hauling heavy loads of aggregate materials. Hale Trailer carries a variety of durable aluminum, steel, and frameless dump trailers that offer versatility, no matter what hauling your project requires. Browse our selection of new dump trailers for sale to find the right trailer for your next job.

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New Dump Trailers Perfect for Fleets

If you manage a fleet of vehicles and commercial trailers, you may use dump trailers for a number of applications. Their ability to haul loads of aggregate are perfect for construction and agricultural industries, with end, belly, bottom, and side dump trailers for sale. Check out Hale Trailer’s inventory of new dump trailers for sale so you can complete jobs safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Dump Trailer Sizes

Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel, Inc. carries new dump trailers from 17 to 40 feet long, and 96 or 102 inches wide. Our dump trailers vary in size, and the options for hauling are numerous, whether you’re a fleet manager looking for more carrying hauling capabilities to your fleet, or a driver who is looking to invest in a high-quality dump trailer.

Dump Trailers vs. Dump Trucks

Dump trailers and dump trucks serve similar purposes, but it’s important to consider the differences before making an investment. Both serve to haul heavy payloads that help you safely and efficiently load and unload, dump trailers offer you the ability to customize the trailer size to the load you are carrying. Dump trailers are less expensive than dump trucks, making them a worthwhile investment for the future.

What are Frameless Dump Trailers?

Dump trailers can have a frame or be frameless. Frameless dump trailers are typically made of aluminum and weigh less, allowing for heavier payloads, which is a huge advantage if you’re hauling aggregate, like rocks and sand. For larger hauls, such as equipment and large boulders, a steel frame dump trailer may be the better option. If you’re looking for a new frameless dump trailer for sale, browse our inventory of trailers and request a quote today.

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Hale Trailer carries a wide selection of new dump trailers for sale as a great addition to your larger fleet, or as an investment for drivers. Contact us to speak to a trailer expert and find the right trailer for your needs!