5 Benefits of Using Office Trailers

August 10th, 2020


Productivity and efficiency are key for any business, but when you lack the space to get work done, store equipment, or meet with clients, it can be a challenge to get the job done or continue growing the business.

That’s where office trailers come in. Whether you need a temporary space to conduct administrative tasks, or a long-term structure for meeting space and storage, a jobsite trailer can be a simple, cost-effective way to keep business running as usual. And one of the best parts is that you can find office trailers for rent, depending on your needs.

As you consider investing in an office trailer for your business, check out these five ways office trailers can benefit your business, no matter what industry you’re in.

Industries that Benefit from Office Trailers

A number of industries can benefit from the use of office trailers and the various configurations they offer. If you have a need for additional, functional space, a portable office trailer may be a good bet. The following industries often use office trailers for various business functions.

Vector image listing the 4 primary industries that benefit from using office trailers


It’s rare to drive by a construction site that doesn’t have a construction trailer parked next to it. They are a vital component of completing a job offering:

  • Office/administrative space
  • Break room/resting space
  • Meeting space

When one job is done or space needs change, they’re easy to move to the next site or safe location that’s still accessible and useful.

Real Estate

Housing developments often require additional space for leasing and sales but may not always have the ability or need for a permanent structure. That’s when office trailers can be helpful, offering a comfortable space for clients and sales professionals to meet and work.

Customized trailers can provide a space to showcase model homes and apartments, while offering private space for meetings. If the development is sold out or expanding, office trailers can be moved to a space better suited for business.     


The healthcare industry can greatly benefit from portable office trailers to offer additional treatment space or temporary testing facilities.

Additionally, in the event of a crisis or natural disaster, office trailers can be quickly setup to accommodate emergency medical needs, offer shelter, or disperse necessary food and medical supplies.

If a hospital or other medical facility is expanding or being renovated, a mobile office trailer provides an ideal temporary space for medical staff to work efficiently.  


Elementary, secondary, and colleges all use office trailers to offer educational opportunities and support staff. While schools may often rely on temporary trailers during renovations, many setup long-term trailers to serve as classrooms and administrative space.

This is a great option for schools that lack the space to expand but need additional classroom space for a growing student body. Each trailer can be customized to serve educational purposes so there’s no gap in the learning process.

5 Reasons to Choose Office Trailers

There are numerous reasons to choose an office trailers for your site, so here are five of our favorites:

Infographic of the top 5 reasons to choose an office trailer

1. Portable Office Trailers are Versatile

No need to lay down a foundation and build a permanent structure that you’re not even sure you’ll need in the future. With office trailers, you can setup, customize, and move around as needed. Or, discontinue using them without feeling like you lost a big investment.

2. Storage to Protect Valuables

No matter what industry you’re working in, there are valuable items and equipment that you need to store on-site. Without proper security, your valuables could be at risk.

Office trailers offer a secure solution for businesses with options for doors, windows, and locking mechanisms suited to your needs. Security bars, screens, deadbolts, and video monitoring can be installed to protect your business from theft, while protecting equipment from the elements.

3. Create a Productive Environment

Working on a noisy construction site or in a busy area can make it challenging to complete administrative tasks, take phone calls, or simple concentrate on work.

Jobsite trailers allow you to create a space that’s quiet and secure so that you and your team can get work done, have important meetings, or welcome clients.

Additionally, office trailers can be configured to include private workspaces for those days that need to be distraction free, or you need to take part in confidential meetings.

4. Customized to Suit Your Needs

No matter what climate you’re in, what industry, or what purpose your office trailer serves, you can customize it to offer the same level of comfort, style, and efficiency that you get in a permanent structure.

Some features that a jobsite trailer may include are:

  • A/C and heating
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting/electrical
  • Custom storage options
  • Separate offices and/or meeting spaces
  • Cubicles

5. Cost-Effective Office Solutions

One of the greatest benefits of office trailers is that they offer you effective solutions for workspace without the expense of hiring a contractor and investing in expensive materials.

You can choose the size trailer you need and customize it for a fraction of the price of building new space. There are trailers to suit any size business or function, so you’re not married to a specific type.

If you only need an office trailer for a short time period, renting is a great option for temporary construction sites or businesses going through renovations.

Jobsite Trailer Rentals for Your Business

Your business is important which is why you need the best office trailer solutions available. At Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel, Inc. we offer a wide selection of mobile offices, portable offices, ground level office containers, and modular structures to keep your business running efficiently.

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