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New Semi-Trailers for Sale in Little Rock, AR

If you’re looking for new semi-trailers for sale, you want to find semi-trailers from manufacturers you trust with the features you need. At Hale Trailer in Little Rock, AR, we carry a wide selection of semi-trailers from reputable manufacturers you can rely on like East, Fontaine, Dorsey, Etnyre, Hyundai, and more. You can depend on Hale Trailer’s knowledgeable team to help you find the ideal trailer for your trucking needs.

Used Semi-Trailers for Sale in Little Rock, AR

Looking to buy a used semi-trailer? Hale Trailer also carries the best selection of fully maintained used semi-trailers in Arkansas. All our semi-trailers for sale are checked for valid FHWA inspection and are ready to haul. Whatever your trailer needs are, we’re sure to stock the commercial trailers for sale that are right for you. Browse our great selection of used semi-trailers for sale online or visit our convenient Hale Trailer location in Little Rock, AR, to see semi-trailers for sale near you.

How to Decide if You Want to Buy New or Used

Buying a semi-trailer is no small decision and requires careful thought. If you are debating between a new or used semi-trailer, know that there are benefits to both choices, and the decision depends greatly on your specific requirements. Some important things to consider are your equipment must-haves and your budget. Used semi-trailers for sale are typically a smaller financial investment, but they may not have all the latest modern features. New semi-trailers for sale are usually substantially more expensive, but you can feel reassured knowing you are the first and only owner and that there is no previous wear. At Hale Trailer, our friendly team is happy to help you determine whether a new or used semi-trailer should be the latest addition to your fleet.

Contact the Hale Trailer Team in Little Rock, AR

Hale Trailer is pleased to serve the Little Rock, AR, area with the largest inventory of semi-trailers for sale. Whether you are looking for a new or used semi-trailer, need a rental, or parts, Hale Trailer is your go-to solution. Service areas include: • Arkansas • Gulf Coast • Texas • Oklahoma • Missouri • Midwest • Southwest • Rocky Mountains • Great Plains If you’re looking for the widest selection of semi-trailers for sale near Little Rock, contact the Hale Trailer team today at 501-653-7770!