Faymonville Double-drop MegaMAX Trailers

MegaMAX Heavy Haul Trailer by Faymonville

At Hale Trailer, we cater to all customers, no matter what they’re hauling. Meet the MegaMAX heavy haul trailer by Faymonville. The manufacturer built this ultra-low double-drop trailer to carry your extra tall and oddly shaped loads. With king-pin steering and override remote control, this trailer stands out from competing heavy haulers. Faymonville specializes in maneuverability, and the MegaMAX is no exception. Get the ultimate steering flexibility in the 3-axle version on pneumatic suspension or hydraulic Pendle-axles.

With the MegaMAX, you have the option to install a steerable fourth pin-on flip axle on the double-drop. No manufacturer has implemented this technology in the North American market. Faymonville trailers are the exception. With the pin-on axle, you can increase your legal payload and experience more versatility going cross country. If you no longer need the 4th axle, you can detach or flip it without shimming.


User-Friendly Handling

  • Safer loading processes with a hydraulic liftable and detachable gooseneck for steady height adjustment
  • King-pin steering
  • Remote control option for manual steering override
  • Compressed length of 53’ total and a width of 100”
  • Precautionary lashing rings and load fixing points on the low bed

Low Perimeter Stretch Deck

  • Ultra-low deck height of only 13.8”
  • Additional deck inserts of 6’-6” – 10’ – 13’ can be installed
  • Available with removable center deck covers, outriggers & container fittings

Mini Flat Deck

  • A max height of 10.8”
  • Transport transformers or generators
  • Carry maximum point loads thanks to the steel construction on the whole width

Advanced Maneuverability with 2 Axle Systems

  • Knuckle-steered axles with air suspension give drivers a steering angle of up to 42°
  • Pendle-axles with hydraulic compensation give drivers a steering angle of up to 60°

The Latest Technology

  • Easily find spare parts available on the U.S. market
  • Get the best corrosion protection available from a fully metalized frame

Faymonville MegaMAX Heavy Haul Trailers for Sale & Rent

If you transport high and bulky goods, you need to consider adding the double-drop deck MegaMAX from Faymonville trailers to your fleet. This trailer is ahead of the game with a lighting system 12-volt in full LED, hydraulic cylinders underneath the gooseneck, and remote-control steering.

Investing in a MegaMAX is easy; start by requesting a hassle-free quote from trucking experts at Hale Trailer. Our locations make it easy to find a Faymonville trailer near you. You can contact us to check our inventory for double-drop trailers for sale at your location or stop by to see for yourself! Our team is equipped and ready to help you bring your heavy-haul trucking jobs to the next level.

MegaMAX Trailer Features

Choose from features like:

Quick-release hydraulic couplings on the gooseneck
Honda-gasoline engine with electric starter and battery
Foldable 9” outriggers
Deck inserts
Screwable container fittings
Aluminum rims
Liftable 3rd axle
Remote steering via wireless remote control
Removable deck sections for perimeter deck

Technical Data at 50MPH: MegaMAX by Faymonville


With flat deckWith perimeter deck
Gross weight145,470 lbs.145,470 lbs.
Axle load79,350 lbs.79,350 lbs.
5th wheel load66,120 lbs.66,120 lbs.
Dead weight ±3%32,840 lbs.35,490 lbs.
Payload ±3%112,630 lbs.109,980 lbs.
Overall width8′-4″8′-4″
Total platform length extended25′-3″42′-4″
Coupling length – not extended49′-10″49′-10″
Deck height in drive position10 53/64″13 25/32″
Axle stroke -3 5/32″ / +6 19/64″-3 5/32″ / +6 19/64″
Steering angle42°42°