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Tank Trailers from Polar – Available for Rent and Sale

Hale Trailer partners with Polar to carry a variety of new and used asphalt tanks, petroleum tanks, pneumatic tanks, and stainless tanks. No matter your choice in trailer, you’ll benefit from the quality workmanship that propelled Polar to become the industry frontrunner. Strong materials combine with intelligent engineering to provide tank trailers that cater to your specific transport needs, regardless of whether you’re carrying food or chemicals. Talk to Hale Trailer representatives about finding the best Polar tank to fit your business.

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Polar Asphalt Tank
Asphalt Tanks Capacity: 7200 Gallons
Construction: Straight round construction, carbon steel 3-piece barrel with two circumferential welds, 10 gauge barrel material. Heads are inserted, 10 gauge before forming.
Compartments: OneSuspension: RANSPRO, Model 88 Tandem 3-leaf (11,000 lb. capacity) fabricated steel (u-bolt nuts down) 3-point mount with no-hop and freeplay reduction.Polar Asphalt Tank Polar Asphalt Tank

Polar Petroleum Tank
Petroleum TanksCapacity: 9300 Gallons
Construction: Aluminum elliptical, double taper low profile, baffled. .204 bottom, .176 sides and top. Brite finish shell with polished front & rear heads.Compartments: Five
Suspension: Hendrickson Intraax AA-230 airride tandem suspension with 49” axle spacing.Polar Petroleum Tank Polar Petroleum Tank Polar Petroleum Tank

Polar Aluminum, Pneumatic Dry Bulk Tank
Pneumatic Tanks – Sale and RentCapacity: 1000 cubic feet (3-hopper)
Construction: Aluminum, round with 45 degree conical discharge hoppers. Internal rings, with smooth exterior. Weld on lower hopper sections.
Compartments: One
Suspension: Hendrickson Intraax AA-250 tandem air-ride with auto dump valve.Polar Aluminum, Pneumatic Dry Bulk Tank Polar Aluminum, Pneumatic Dry Bulk Tank Polar Aluminum, Pneumatic Dry Bulk Tank

Polar Stainless Steel Tank
Stainless TanksCapacity: 6500 Gallons (Shell Full)
Construction: Stainless Steel two-piece barrel with one circumferential weld, 12-gauge barrel.Compartments: One
Suspension: Hendrickson Intraax AA-230 tandem air ride with auto dump valve.Polar Stainless Steel Tank Polar Stainless Steel Tank Polar Stainless Steel Tank