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Tag-a-long Trailers for Sale and Tag-a-long Trailers for Rent

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BWS 25 Ton Art - Air Ramp/Air Tilt Tag-a-long
BWS Tag-a-longsWidth: 102″
Length: 34′ – 38′Ramps: Air Operated Planked Ramps 6′ x 64″
Suspension: Hutch 9700 Spring Ride

Talbert Tag-a-long

Talbert Tag-a-longsCapacity:20 Tons

Deck Section Length:26′
Deck Section Width:8’6″
Suspension:44,000# Hutch Spring

Talbert Tag-a-long Talbert Tag-a-long Talbert Tag-a-long

Pitts Tag-a-long
Pitts Tag-a-longsCapacity:20 Tons
Deck Section Length:21′
Deck Section Width:8’6″
Suspension:56,000 Hutchens SpringPitts Tag-a-long Pitts Tag-a-long Pitts Tag-a-long