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Hydraulic Detachable Lowboys, Specialized & Heavy Haul Trailers

With our extensive inventory, we’re ready to meet all your heavy haul trailer needs.

Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel offers a complete line of custom, specialized and heavy haul equipment for sale and rent. Our full range of trailer products, as well as our many years of expertise serving the specialized and heavy haul industries, enable us to provide you the equipment and service you need to get the job done.

Our extensive inventory enables us to offer you a wide selection of products by some of the industries finest names such as Fontaine, Talbert, Landoll, Etnyre, XL Specialized, Trail King and Manac. Our diverse heavy haul trailer selection includes Hydraulic Detachable Lowboys, Paver Special Lowboys, Hydraulic Detachable DBL Drops & Extendables, Mechanical Detachable DBL Drops & Extendables, Tri-Axle Drop Decks & Extendables, Fixed Neck Skidder Haulers, Sliding Axle Tilt Deck Trailers, Hydraulic Tail Trailers, Blade Trailers.



Single Drop Tri-Axle Extendable Blade Trailer

  • Hydraulic Detachable Lowbeds
  • Paver Special Lowbeds
  • Hydraulic Detachable DBL Drops & Extendables
  • Mechanical Detachable DBL Drops & Extendables
  • Tri-Axle Drop Decks & Extendables
  • Fixed Neck Skidder Haulers
  • Sliding Axle Tilt Deck Trailers
  • Hydraulic Tail Trailers
  • Blade Trailers
  • Schnable Systems


Heavy Haul

  • 55 and 60 Ton Lowbeds
  • Flat Floor and Drop Side Rail Deck Designs
  • Custom Lowbeds up to 250 Ton Capacity
  • Modular Designs w/Deck Insert Capability
  • East Coast Wide Spread Configurations
  • West Coast Wide Spread Configurations
  • Bus Hauler



  • Flip Axles
  • Flip Boxes
  • Spreader Bars
  • Jeep Dolly
  • Deck Inserts
Paver Special, Lowboys, 55 Ton 3+1, Double Drop Extendables, Sliding Axles


Paver Special, Lowboys, 55 Ton 3+1, Double Drop Extendables, Sliding AxlesEast Coast 3+3+2 Beam