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Employee Spotlight

Hale Trailer Annual Managers Meeting
November 14th & 15th, 2011

National Constitution Center Philadelphia, PA

Meeting Highlights and Topics

  • Keynote Speaker – Dave Tate, President of East Manufacturing
  • “Succession Planning” – Heather Wilson, GE Capital Corporation
  • “Crossing the Generational Divide” – Preston Swincher, Center for Generational Kinetics
  • “Update on OSHA Inspections” – Russ St. Clair , Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.
  • East Manufacturing – Company & Product update
  • Entertainer – Joe Conklin “ Man of a Thousand Voices”

Special Events

  • National Constitution Center – Private showing of "Freedom Rising".
  • Visitation of the Constitution Center core exhibit "The Story of We the People".
  • Independence Hall Tour.
  • Philadelphia Oriented Team Building Scavenger Hunt.

The scavenger hunt winners; Kevin Zwick, John Olsen, B.J. Hale, Jeff Herman, Ed Enman and Ryan Emerick.

Runners Up
The scavenger hunt runners up are: Joe Frankenfield, Justin Sozio, Marc Staley, Ryan Fol, Chris Drain and Gene Whitley.

Team 5th Ammendment, Bill Fryer, Bejamin Phillips, Dave Tomasello, John Giello, Jeff Finney and Patricia Talcott praying for a win at Christ Church.

Barry Hale and Dave Tate
Barry Hale and Dave Tate. Congratulations on your retirement Dave!

Patricia Talcott, Marilyn Byrd, Dave Tomasello, Susan Blatt, and Joe Frankenfield enjoying the festivities.

Benjamin Franklin
Barry Hale, Jason D’Amico and Brian Crist at the Benjamin Franklin monument.

Benjamin Franklin Grave
Ben Franklin grave stone.

Betsy Ross House
The Betsy Ross House.

The Liberty Bell
Independence Hall.

The Liberty Bell
The Liberty Bell; an iconic symbol of American Independence.