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Employee Spotlight

Mike, Lois, & Emily Hartwell –
"A Family Tradition"

Lois, Emily, and Mike Hartwell, 2011In September 2010 Emily Hartwell joined the Hale Trailer sales administrative department. Though a new employee of the company, Emily has strong ties with Hale history. Her parents, Mike and Lois Hartwell, met working at Hale thirty two years ago. At that time, Lois (then Lois Weisbrot) was working as a secretary, while Mike was working as a first-class mechanic. They started dating in September of 1979 and were married in March of 1980. It wasn’t until January of 1988 that Lois left her position as head of personnel and accounts payable to give birth to future Hale associate, Emily. Mike stayed with the company as Service Manager until 1993 when he left to start his own company, JSP. Mike is working on his second tour of action at Hale. He rejoined the organization in March of 2008 returning to his post as a first-class mechanic. Lois currently takes care of the Hartwell household and is actively involved at their church, Hope Christian Fellowship. Emily recently graduated from Eastern University with her bachelor’s degree in psychology. She splits her time between Hale and Gloucester County Special Services where she works with children who have Autism and other developmental disorders. Mike and Emily are delighted to be able to work together at the same company. Worth noting, Emily started working at Hale at the same age her mother began working in the same position. Only time will tell if Emily will follow in her parents’ Hale footsteps.

Lois and Mike Hartwell, 1979 Lois and Mike Hartwell, 1980Mike, Emily, and Lois Hartwell, December 1988